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Looking for a change in professional and personal life?

Wipro Chennai Toastmasters welcomes you !!

"Its open and anybody can attend"

Wipro Toastmasters!

Are you struggling for words in front of the customer or during an internal meeting?

Are you not confident when you speak in front of the client or your manager?

Is your communication skill stopping you from achieving your goals?

Are you not able to project yourself well, even though you are technically strong?

If you have answered ‘Yes’ to one or more, then it’s time to know about,

 “Wipro Chennai Toastmasters Club”

How we help you?

To build your,

Develop your Communication Skills :

Helps you to speak on-the spot as well as prepare and present your ideas to customers.

Develops your Leadership Skills :

You learn the art of communicating effectively and getting things done as a team.

Manage a Team effectively:

Lear the art of people persuasion and management skill in your project

Builds your Confidence :

We have proof of many who have changed by taking the first step. Would like to take this opportunity to invite you and your team members for the

Wiprorite experience

Check out the experience of our fellow colleague after attending Wipro Toasmasters

Ipsum Feugiat

"The Art of Leadership, Mindset of I changed to WE and a experience to stand up and share the experiences with people"-Shriram, Senior Project Engineer

Rhoncus Semper

"Different perspectives, Grooming of my servial leadership skills, cociousness of my health and looks as well as the desire to help more people"-Lloyd,Program Manager

Magna Nullam

"A great exposure to the communication world to overcome what we are and to get what we should actually be. A good experience gaining platform for freshers and a playground for experts" - Suryah.V,Rookie

Natoque Vitae

“In a short time, It has helped me to communicate with my team effectively and share my ideas with them. I have been able to interact with senior managers via this forum and have learnt many things which has improved my personal and professional life”-Arjun, Rookie

Dolor Penatibus

"It has been a little over 2 years since I became a member of Wipro Chennai Toastmaster Club (WCTM). WCTM is special because not only it gave me opportunity to become a Better Speaker and Leader but also a better Person. Thank you WCTM and Toastmasters”-Rahul, Consultant

Orci Convallis

“I have been hearing good review’s about the Toastmaster’s.A great platform to enhance our public speaking and leadership skills. Whilst I believe, learnings can never end"-Lata, Senior HR

Benefits of member

You will get a personal Mentor assigned to you

You can take leadership roles and groom yourself

You can give prepared speech,get evaluation,improve

You can take roles in meeting to improve listening skills

You can compete in contest(Humorous, Evaluation)

If you don't believe us, check out quora page

How good is Toastmasters?
What is Toastmasters like? What can you gain from the program?
What is Toastmasters? How will it help me if I join?
What are the benefits of joining Toastmasters club?


Do not know what more about TOASTMASTERS then drop a message, we will get back to you!

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